A County in TX is Helping Veterans Pay Their Bills

HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas – Hidalgo County is helping veterans pay their utility bills.

The county’s Community Service Agency received a grant from the Texas Veterans Commission for more than $200,000.

The agency is giving away up to $600 to qualifying vets who live in the county and annual income is less than $24,000. Any vets interested in applying must provide the following forms.

Mari Gallegos – Community Services Agency Supervisor said, “They have to bring their DD-214 form where it states, they’re honorably discharged. Their income for the past 30 days, everybody over the age of 18 in the household, if they receive SSI or SS we would need the letters from the social security office. If they receive any housing assistance, Section 8, we would need their most recent letter from them, with their most current light bill.”

Any veterans with a family of four, the annual income cannot exceed $49,000 and for a family of six they cannot earn more than $65,000 in order to qualify for assistance.